Jonathan Swift on Darkness That Passes for Depth

I have one word to say upon the subject of profound writers, who are grown very numerous of late; and I know very well the judicious world is resolved to list me in that number. I conceive therefore, as to the business of being profound, that it is with writers as with wells—a person with good eyes may see to the bottom of the deepest, provided any water be there:

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The Psychic Vampire

An arsenal of fears has shaped my behavior. I’ve been abused and abandoned so many times in my life that I always feel betrayed, powerless, and vulnerable. I can’t shake the belief that I’ve been deprived of true love along the way, so when I do manage relationships, I see myself as flawed and unwanted, which means I prefer to live in a state of self-imposed ignorance. I can’t take

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Finding the Key

Fifteen years of my career as a teacher were spent at a little prairie high school of about 300 students. In a school that small, I taught most students all four years of high school, so I had the opportunity to truly appreciate them and their families, and to really make a difference with their learning in the long-term.  With a graduating class of about 40, involved kids could be

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Demosthenes on Self-Deceit

The easiest thing in the world is self-deceit; for every man believes what he wishes, though the reality is often different. Demosthenes