Krokodil: The Price to Pay for Getting High

Krokodil, the new drug to try, will literally have you coming out of your skin. It’s worse than crystal meth, or any other drug being made. Krokodil was first found in 2002 on the streets of Russia, but now it’s being used all over the globe. Government officials have confiscated over 65 million doses, and more than a million addicts have been recruited. When the toxic drug first became popular in Russia, it was because heroin was scarce or nowhere to be found. When street pharmacists couldn’t get their hands on heroin, they began mixing chemicals together with over-the-counter drugs. Their final product’s texture resembled heroin, and the high was much stronger than any other drug, so dealers were able to charge for heroin while substituting it for Krokodil. These providers began making a massive profit off people who had to try the new high and junkies who didn’t notice a difference in the drug — until their skin started peeling off their bodies. Even after the problem was acknowledged, Krokodil users’ dependency was so severe, they were unable to quit using.

Street pharmacists who make Krokodil take Codeine tablets and break them down to a fine liquid with lighter fluid, red phosphorus (from matches), gasoline, paint thinners, hydrochloric acid, bathroom cleaner, and / or iodine and then sell this poison to people who inject the drug into their bodies with new or used needles. When the deadly chemical is injected into the body, it produces an opiate-like feeling ten times stronger than morphine. When the chemical mixture is injected into the veins, it causes phlebitis, lesions, gangrene, necrosis, nerve damage, and brain damage, and it can lead to limb amputation.

Consequently, after all the veins in the body are no longer usable and the corrosive chemical is shot directly into the skin, the layers of the dermis and the surrounding nerves and tissues die off. The chemical begins rotting the body from the inside out, and the skin begins to look black, hard, dry, and leathery — like a crocodile. In the late stages of Krokodil use, addicts begin showing severe mutilations of body parts, open wounds, bone infections, and decayed limb and facial features (gums, jaw, forehead, ears, nose, and lips). The body will also start shutting down, causing severe respiratory, kidney, and liver complications.

Again, even though this drug is literally killing people from the inside out, they’re unable to quit. When trying to quit using Krokodil, users discover that the pain is too impossible to bear. This drug causes such devastating dependency, it can only be cured by taking another hit. The life expectancy for users is a maximum of three years, and through these few years, addicts will lose everything — their independence, stability, mobility, and lives. People all over the world are finding out the dangers behind this deadly drug but aren’t taking the facts into consideration because Krokodil is cheap, easily found, and effortlessly made. Moreover, the high is very intense.

As most everyone knows (or should know), the use of drugs has become a serious epidemic all over the world, and street pharmacists are finding new ways to use household products and pharmaceutical drugs as deadly, addictive street drugs. Getting high was once used mostly for partying, living free, working hard, being more productive, and exploring new ways for pleasure. It has now become a way of life for all too many addicts. All drugs have the potential to kill, but Krokodill is guaranteed to kill. What price will some people pay for getting high, and how far will they go?