Rednecks and Bluebloods

An ethical dilemma:
Do I switch channels,
ditching rain-delayed Daytona,
abandoning poor orphaned Junior before he
safely rounds Turn Four for the final time,
that deadly curve that claimed his daddy
back on 2/18/01?
(Let us bow our heads in a moment of silence for the Intimidator.)

Or do I stay with Dale till Victory Lane,
even though Masterpiece Theater
beckons to me from another channel,
and Downton’s lovely Lady Mary Crawley,
herself widowed and knowing the grief a car fatality can bring
needs to love again?
(Rest in peace, Matthew.)

If I had my way
the handsome orphan and the beautiful widow
would find love in each other’s arms,
and I could reconcile my own
tastes for highbrow and lowbrow.

Sir Dale and Lady Mary
living happily ever after at Daytona Abbey,
a wedding reception on the grandest scale
in the classiest motor home in the infield.