The US Represented Weekly Update

Hello USR members and guests,

Thanks for sharing another great week with us at US Represented. Cheryl Ray’sSunburn Logic” discusses the strange phenomenon of the Irish enjoying the little sun they get while refusing to use sunscreen for their very pale skin. In fact, you can’t even find sunscreen in many Irish towns. In “Permaculture: A Necessary Environmental Design,” Tessie Walters discusses “a circular, holistic ecosystem in which everything is created from the Earth in order to care for other life. Humans give back surplus items to the Earth to be reused as viable sources of energy for another life form, just as animals and plants would.” Austin Sutton’sThe Bad Monkey Buffet” describes a festival held in Lopburi, Thailand where “tourists and residents gather enormous amounts of fruits and vegetables and lay them out in front of temples for the local long-tailed macaques to enjoy.” The idea was to placate the macaques, but the festival seems to have caused as many problems as its organizers intended to solve. Lindsay Dean’sSoul-Singing” conflates connection and liberation: “the part of me that resides within you / Is already free.” In last week’s installment of Emily Badovinac’s novel, Deep Red, Chapter 11, while analyzing Marlo’s test results, Zoe finds cause for concern. In “The Berlin Zoo’s Most Troublesome Animal?Tiana Snow outlines the problems surrounding the zoo’s departing director. In Eric Stephenson’sThe Need to Know,” an elite scientist’s potential discovery leads to a bizarre sequence of events.

As always, please keep being who you are, and we’ll talk to you soon.

The USR Staff