The US Represented Weekly Update

Hello USR members and guests,

Thanks for spending another entertaining week with us at US Represented. In our weekly Perspective for Hire column, Eric Stephenson’s “Singularity Preppers” warns that “not preparing for the technological singularity would represent a form of gross negligence that could lead to humanity’s extinction or, at the very least, a slave status with which no one would be very happy.” In “Ten Reasons to Visit Your Local Poetry Slam,” Lindsay Deen says, “Poetry sharing allows us to see the we, the us, the me in people’s eyes. The intimacy of the group setting, along with great sharing, creates the illusion of anonymity, and it allows humans to see themselves in others, to hear their stories through others’ lips, to hear their lives in another’s song.” In our weekly Cadence poetry feature, we share Susan Peiffer’s poem “Listen.” Susan is the program director, curator, co-host, and slam master of the Hear, Here! Poetry community in Colorado Springs. She was named the 2012 RAW Colorado Springs Performing Artist of the year and is a recipient of the Pikes Peak Arts Council award for excellence in Performance Poetry. “Listen” invokes the power of the spoken word with stunning clarity. As the poet says,

“Raise your skin past your scars;
let their shiny, tender gloss fade
into the mars of your flesh—
Display your open wounds;
Know that we know
where your real beauty lies. . . .”

Rachel Sullivan’s “On the Road: The Life and Times of an American Trucker” offers a thumbnail sketch of a trucker’s experiences. In our weekly installment of Emily Badovinac’s novel, Deep Red, Chapter 17, Marlo engages in a battle with the voice for control of her mind. “Flaring Up” discusses the two massive solar flares that just missed Earth a few years ago and what we might expect if we do get hit by a devastating coronal mass ejection within the next ten years, which some scientists think is a 12% possibility. Finally, in “The Best Thing About the Good Old Days,” a couple shares a simple future.

The USR Staff