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In the meantime, we published consistently solid work over the past week. In the interview “Words of Wisdom: Shirley Romero Otero,” Lindsay Deen discusses a broad range of topics with a dedicated educator and visionary. Shirley Romero Otero points out that when kids leave their communities “and deal with the real world, whether they go 40 miles away or across the country, if they’re not equipped with those tools of what politics are, and how the resources in this country are distributed, and what it means to be a person of color and someone who speaks another language or with an accent, then you’re not going to have the tools to be able to be successful and deal with all of the mountains that are put in front of you.” “Ten Reasons to Avoid Taking Yourself Too Seriously” explains why polluting the world with an unwarranted sense of self-importance isn’t such a good idea. Some talented artists and the Hear, Here! Team from Colorado Springs won Group Piece Finals at the National Poetry Slam in Oakland. We included the team’s favorite piece, “Earworm,” in Cadence, our weekly poetry feature. In “Lifting the veil,” Drew Livigni describes the beauty and challenges of facing fatherhood at midlife. In last week’s installment of Emily Badovinac’s novel, Deep Red, Chapter Twenty-One, Marlo makes it out of the cabin more or less in tact, but she still has Jack, Victoria, and her obscure destiny to contend with. To make matters more interesting, the voice of the dark presence is still with her and is pushing her in an unexpected direction. Pete Howard’s “Seeds of Peace: Building a Sensible Tradition” discusses a camp for high school student from the Middle East designed “to foster understanding, compassion, and a heightened sense of humanity among the children of nations who have rarely known peace. For over twenty years now, young men and women from Israel, Palestine, Iraq, and other war-torn nations have come together in an attempt to sow those seeds, despite the apparently endless conflict in the region.” Eric Stephenson’s “Lucky” recounts a day of Texas hold ’em.

The USR Staff