America’s Rights

The only thing as bad as the naïve, self-promoting bureaucratic, self-pitying, excuse-making, manipulative, overly idealistic, pretentious, system-sucking Democrat is the self-righteous, birth-entitled, Christian “Right,” “everyone-has-a-choice” preaching, bean-counting, in-denial-of-their social advantage, and blind to how the other half must live Republican.

The only thing as great as the forward thinking, solution focused, empathetic, compassionate, self-sacrificing, social-class sensitive, conscientious, environmentally aware, at once pragmatic and idealistic, strong yet humble public serving Republican is the Democrat with the same qualities.

The only thing greater than an America in which people have the right to vote, to voice their opinion, to be protected from intrusive government and rogue police, to be tried before conviction, and to change the system as needed – incrementally through a system of checks and balances – with respect to the rapid advance of technology along with their own security in a dangerous world, is an America that preserves those rights through unflagging dedication to educating and informing the public on these matters through a media and education system that is open-minded, critically aware, inclusive, truth-seeking, and, as much as possible, unbiased.  


Pete Howard works as an English teacher, a musician, a writer, and a house painter.