I just want to be a poem

I just want to be a poem,
To let my motions move you to speak,
So you say my name in
A thousand different ways, each word
A drop of rain captured on pen tip
In a spiral notebook

I want my eyes to see you
As you speak my language written
In silver letters
Across midnight skies,
And you wake from the dream
And the magic is so strong inside
You turn on the light and
Write me.
Put me on paper and
Edit me.
Or say, “This one,
I’ll leave her be
Exactly as I first conceived.”

But write me.
Let the day break forth from your lips
And spill sweet seeds to the earth
For your heart has a voice,
Songs read like fine lines
As they grow from sobs and laughter–

I want to be that poem,
The one you write and
Can’t get out of your head
Because image and syllables
Are one.

Let my ways bring you to
Uncaptured smiles, to ten great trials,
To dial and hang up,
To try to forget that
Yes, this is it, because

Love will always make you cry
Never forget
Love will always make you cry
Don’t forget
Love will always make you cry
Be sure not to forget

That with great love
Comes great sorrow
I don’t know why.

I want to be one word,
Just one,
Waiting on your lips.

Photo By: sɑḳǘʀɑ ʀɑiή 桜雨 @inkandstars