Hot Dogs: A Poem By Jacob Adams

(Special this week to the Academic Redneck: a poem by Pikes Peak Community College student Jacob Adams. Jacob, a first -year student, is a new Colorado resident of only two years and is currently interested in pursing writing in some form as a future career. He enjoys getting overly attached to well- written cartoon characters, playing challenging video games, and staying as far away from the beach as possible. Jacob wrote this poem off of a midnight dare from one of his friends who said, “Write me a poem about hot dogs.”)

Hot Dogs

A needless act, but then again
most people need to eat.
I emerge from below
and am greeted by darkness
and a familiar smell.

Like clockwork, I make a left
and enter the kitchen.
there, on the counter
sat a pot.

Unconsciously I open a cupboard
procuring a paper plate
from its interior.

I reach my hand into the pot,
its water had long since cooled.
from it I pull two Hot Dogs.

I sit there a moment,
debating how to eat them.

Eventually I grab a plastic bag
and put the leftovers into the fridge.

I wasn’t hungry anyway.