About US

US Represented is an e-magazine dedicated to free speech and creative expression. We showcase writers, artists, and musicians of all ages, creeds, and backgrounds in order to reflect the communities in which we live while also addressing a broader audience.

We regularly feature a host of nonfiction works, including political, historical, and scientific analysis, travel and nature writing, and human interest pieces, to include memoirs and personal essays.

US Represented’s writers share thought-provoking short stories, serialized novels, and poetry. We address environmental and sustainability issues, and we cover the music scene as well, interviewing band members and showcasing their talents to a worldwide audience. The musicians featured are ready to break out and gain national attention. We feature a visual artist every quarter, too, working with each of them to create a USR hosted gallery linked to the artists’ websites.

We plan to keep growing so we can represent as many people as possible. We want to engage more readers and allow gifted artists to share their work. Our readership already reaches across the world, and we’re always seeking new talent and challenging those who work with us to expand their creativity.

At US Represented, we get it. All too often, people get stuck in mental silos–Are you Catholic or Protestant? Liberal or Conservative? White or another ethnicity? USR works to break through barriers and create unity.

The USR Staff stands united behind a vision—to transform ourselves and the communities in which we live through intelligent engagement. Thanks for helping us make this dream a reality.

Contact us at rod1776@hotmail.com

US Represented Staff

Eric StephensonPublisher, Editor-in-Chief, Columnist
Lindsay DeenColumnist
DeLyn Martineau — Columnist, Music Editor
Jerome Parent Columnist
Gary Walker — Columnist
Dana ZimblemanColumnist
Kevin Arnold — Columnist