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Today Promises to Be the Best Football Day of the Year

The photograph above is of The Catch, often referred to as the greatest moment in 49ers history. Joe Montana passed to Dwight Clark, who made an incredible catch in the back of the end zone. To win a Super Bowl? No, a conference title and a chance to participate in the Super Bowl, which the Dallas Cowboys got to watch on TV. There were some claims that Montana was trying to throw the

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Summary of Chapters 1-16 of The Sureness of Horses

Week 1: Chapters 1, and 2 (pages 2-19—18 pages)(Dec 7th, 2015) –Exiting a plane, Diana Buchanan asks Wade Middleton’s help with a heavy saddle. He throws his back out. Guilt overcomes her conservatism; she drives him home. The next morning his friend Jorge Calderon comes seeking help at work. –When Diana asks Wade about his interest in poetry he reads her a poem about horses. She’s not free to date,

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