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Ten Reasons

I wake With death in my mouth. Before I wash it out, I start with Ten reasons why I cannot take my own life. One–Suicide is selfish, Especially for you. You help so many people. What would they do Without you? Two–Who else Can make Algebra fun? All your students need you. Three–Who would get friends Out in sun Working dirt into green things? You are the only one. Three–if

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Lessons in Action: An Interview with Jesse Wilson

One blustery Colorado morning at the Pikes Perk in Downtown Colorado Springs, I met with Jesse Wilson, actor, artist, human. He’s a man of many talents, many masks, and many roles. His recent TedTalks video focuses on his series for personal empowerment, Lessons from the Stage, and after watching the video, I was intrigued. His passion and surety that the technologies taught to actors could make a difference in average people’s lives

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Silence Sounds of words unspoken Words unheard Words, words, words Won’t stop dropping pen tops Won’t stop jumping roadblocks Won’t stop chucking hard knocks And I can’t keep calling time fake I can’t sleep so I stay awake Thinking second belated Backwards ratings about past Relationships. I’ve got some frustrations. Let me tip my hat You got me going Rolling really swell Now I’m scaling the cliffs of hell To

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Day six dawned breathing words echoing nightfall The reverb cut clean.

What Is Quantitative Easing?

A buzzword that flies around the media when warranted is “quantitative easing.” Although it sounds complex, the idea is relatively simple in economic terms. The central banking system, the Federal Reserve in America, buys bonds from private or commercial banks at a slightly higher price than anyone else in the market is willing to pay, injecting cash into the market and creating economic growth by increasing spending power through bank

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What If Celebration Community Poem – Colorado Springs Compiled by Lindsay Deen and Taylor Johnson Ness This poem was compiled by the community at the 2017 What If Celebration by Poetry Heals. The words were hung upon a garland by those who passed by the booth on their way to the Portal. We’ve taken the words, in order, and compiled a poem, creating complete sentences, and only changing verb tenses

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