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Reminds Me of You: A Poem By Hudson Hintze

(Special this week to the Academic Redneck: A poem written by Pikes Peak Community College student Hudson Hintze. Over the last several weeks, I filled in for my colleague, Larry Giddings, in his Introduction to Literature class. The students and I covered the poetry unit, and I encouraged them to share their creative writing with me for publication in my column. Hudson, one of Larry’s students, sent me this poem.

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Your voice is too friendly, Your smile too inviting, Your laugh too welcoming. Don’t speak. You’re giving these people the wrong idea. Be silent.   White powder spread across the table, glass bottles scattered on the floor; the loud men filling the room grow more menacing with each snort of cocaine. Such peace for me in his chaotic life when he doesn’t notice me. He reminds me, “Lock the door

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Death By Bureaucracy

(A Found Poem) Dear Applicant: Please provide the requested information so this office can make a Medicaid eligibility determination for the above claimant currently confined to a skilled nursing home facility. If the requested information is not received within twenty (20) days, the claimant’s Medicaid eligibility will be denied or… Terminated.

A Geography of Night

Once the darkness was full we saw stars— striking frozen air, rippling through the underside of heaven in their meteoric plunge. Silvered white, cobalt, crimson, and then into the earth. A flashing that spoke to our very skin set against the blackness of night. A vapor immortal in absence.


I glide from one episode to the next, my role transfigured from scene to scene in perpetual subconscious invention until a somber beam of light paints the wall and reminds my other self of unfinished business. I rise, stiff and uncertain, remembering when, in childhood, waking life was an extension of the dream.


Silence Sounds of words unspoken Words unheard Words, words, words Won’t stop dropping pen tops Won’t stop jumping roadblocks Won’t stop chucking hard knocks And I can’t keep calling time fake I can’t sleep so I stay awake Thinking second belated Backwards ratings about past Relationships. I’ve got some frustrations. Let me tip my hat You got me going Rolling really swell Now I’m scaling the cliffs of hell To

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