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Lindsay Hand Art

To Lindsay Hand, art is “a meditation, a necessity as an action for me to create, a growing process, a presence. It’s a beautiful thing, to just step in and be, but it also can require things that need to be said. That’s speaking from my own art and my process. Viewing other people’s art is the same thing, but it’s as an observer, and kind of a gift sometimes.”

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Bishop Castle

Bishop Castle, a throwback to the Middle Ages and a testament to human endurance, sprawls in unapologetic splendor across an expanse of gradually sloping terrain. Every stone and every inch of mortar seem to have been hurled into a conflation of ordered chaos on a massive scale by a man who has never once used a blueprint or floor plan, only his sheer force of will and self-described “God-given genius.”

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Christopher Ryan Parent Photography

Christopher Ryan Parent is a native of Woodland Park, Colorado. He is the oldest of two sons born to parents who are both teachers. In high school, he ran cross country, played clarinet in the jazz band, and was a state forensics champion two years in a row as an extemporaneous speaker.  After graduation, he entered the U.S. Navy’s nuclear power school where he graduated at the top of his

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