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Daniel Carlson: Auburn’s Kick-Ass Kicker from Colorado Springs

An Academic Redneck Iron Bowl Preview It’s time for Alabamians to make some serious decisions. No, I don’t mean the Roy Moore thing. I mean the Auburn-Alabama thing. On Saturday, November 25, 2017, the # 1-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide takes on the #6-ranked Auburn Tigers in the Iron Bowl, so fans of both teams face grave choices on game day. Guac or queso? Papa John’s or Pizza Hut? Buffalo Wild

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LADIES SING THE BLUES: A Music Company Production

On a blustery evening not long ago, I found myself witnessing one of the greatest nights of music I have heard in my forty years of playing and following R&B. This concert featured four of the most seasoned, savvy, and inspired vocalists, backed by a cracker-jack quartet, that this listener has ever been privileged to experience. The aforementioned ladies are Lila Mori, Juanita Martin, Erica Brown and Jill Watkins, and

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An Afternoon with the John Saunders Band

Last weekend I had the pleasure of experiencing the John Saunders Band as they performed at the Whitewater Festival in Canon City. Their fusion of nineties classics with John’s organic song-writing skills creates a sound that is uniquely Colorado that they call “alt country.” Hailing from Castle Rock, the band performs regularly at local gigs not only in their home city but also in Denver, Colorado Springs, and other surrounding areas. John

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Redneck Chic and the Return of Gretchen Wilson

I think I am only slightly exaggerating when I say that being a redneck is sort of fashionable right now. Ever since the white working class proved decisive in the 2016 presidential election, both major parties are re-evaluating their relationship with an “embarrassing” voting bloc they believed they could ignore with impunity.  However, over a year ago, even before Donald Trump secured the Republican nomination, yours truly cautioned against writing

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The Little Giant of Blue-Eyed Soul

I saw the danger, yet I walked Along the enchanted way. . . . “On Raglan Road” More than three months now and I just can’t get the music of Van Morrison out of my heart and feet. After five full decades his voice, his songs, his high-art approach to backstreet blue ballads and stonegood rocking continues to astonish and humble and anchor. When I was young, I heard his

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