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The Verdict

Video: Biography: The Verdict, with founders Mike Louis (lead guitar/vocals), Ken Bailey (drums/vocals), and Darcy Martineau (bass), got its start in 1989. It its early years, The Verdict played many well-known local clubs, entertaining club-goers with a variety of rock standards and original tunes. In 1994, they welcomed keyboardist Doug Hall, and the band quickly expanded its repertoire to include a much wider variety of songs and genres. As a

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The Verdict Is In—Definitely!

Colorado Springs is lucky to have an active local music scene, ranging from classical to country with every music genre in between. My favorite local band, The Verdict, plays classic rock from the ‘80s, the kind of music that when the band starts to play a song, you exclaim, “Great! Let’s dance. We can sing along, too!” I attended a rehearsal to get a closer, more personal perception of the

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