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And every word returns to the sea of thought, offering nothing new except the action, the sender seeking affirmation before returning to the void.


The wind ripples across your back and the sun infuses your depths in gold for as long as the clouds permit on a warm, forgotten morning.

Silent Witness

Karen was down to 100 pounds. She wore long sleeve shirts to work to hide the marks on her arms. It had gotten so bad that one day, her boss pulled her aside and said, “Karen, do we need to talk?” ”Don’t, Ben. Life just sucks right now, you know? I’ll handle it.” And life did suck. She was working a dead-end job with no real prospects. She had lost patience

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We should all take a polygraph test every day and share our results with the rest of the world, maybe on Facebook or something, or we could invent a new online platform designed for this express purpose and chaperon a new revolution. It’s hard to be impeccably honest, especially about ourselves. All too often, false memory, insecurity, and ego blur reality, which means thought and action degenerate into confabulation and

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Scientific Puritans Aren’t Helping

All too often, superstitious thinkers have stood in the way of meaningful scientific innovation, and they still do. This is terrible given the serious theoretical and technical challenges we face. Fortunately, history shows that most major scientific discoveries that promised to serve humanity especially well were adopted despite fierce resistance from despotic religious interests. Ironically, now an unsettling number of materialists have become scientific Puritans. They assume that anything beyond

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Legitimizing UFO Disclosure

Something interesting just happened in the world of UFO disclosure. On December 16, the New York Times ran an article covering some salient UFO-related topics. First, the authors mentioned the Defense Department’s admission of the $22 million Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program designed to investigate UFO reports. The program, facilitated by former Senate majority leader Harry Reid and run by former military intelligence official Luis Elizondo, operated on government funding from 2007

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