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Western Cape, South Africa: by Annaliese Allen

A Bartender’s Guide

Kenny rang the bell and shouted, “Last call! Drink ’em up! You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here!” It had been a good night. He would walk with around $200 in tips and need every penny of it for his annual trip to Lake Powell. Plus, money was always tight for his girlfriend, and he liked to help take care of her baby whenever he could.

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Pikes Peak Community College and the 33rd Space Symposium

Life isn’t just about eating and paying bills. Americans need to address the country’s future proactively or fail subsequent generations by not doing so. Space exploration is part of this equation. Among other things, it has led to the invention or development of artificial limbs, cell-phone cameras, LEDs, enriched baby food, solar cells, powdered lubricants, freeze-dried food, anti-icing systems, temper foam, and cordless vacuums. It’s a good idea, as well

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Why Confirmation Bias Should Be Avoided

Confirmation bias is a tendency to seek out and interpret evidence that confirms one’s existing opinions while overlooking or dismissing opposing beliefs. In other words, it’s a form of applied prejudice at the expense of objectivity. Following are ten reasons to avoid confirmation bias. In group settings, carefully examining alternative viewpoints while challenging our own assumptions allows us to understand situations more accurately and thereby make better decisions. This means

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The Last Jump

They were running a low-level night jump in 36-knot winds, Larry Swenson’s last. Once the mission was done, he would leave the Army and take a long road trip, settling into whichever town along the way felt right to him. Maybe he would go back to school. Maybe he wouldn’t. He didn’t know for sure, and he didn’t really care. He just wanted to own his life again. Everyone had already

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of ladies most deject and wretched

The petals on the water drifted off with the message you tried to reveal in the depths of your madness, a missing presence ruined by entitled indifference.