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Zera and the Green Man: Chapter 36

“I heard they’ve been camping outside all night,” Theodore said. It was morning again, and he’d just returned from Los Angeles. They all stood at the hospital exit except for Zera, who sat in a wheelchair with a nurse at her side. They were waiting for Theodore to give the go-ahead to face the throng outside. Hattie peered out the glass door over Theodore’s shoulder. “It’s going to be tough

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Zera and the Green Man: Chapter 35

Theodore had not been formally charged, yet. Under the advice of his attorney, he had left the police station to go outside with Langston Void alone, to talk. They sat in the back of his limousine. Theodore couldn’t remember when he had been more exhausted; it took all his willpower just to hold it together. When will this nightmare end? he thought. I just want to get back; to Zera,

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Zera and the Green Man: Chapter 34

Sunday, June 8 Zera opened her eyes to find her Uncle Theodore sitting beside her, staring toward a window. His clothes were crumpled, his face dark with whisker stubble, his hair a mess. She heard the voices of Hattie and Ben — turning her head she saw them standing and talking near the same window. She was in a bed, in a light-filled room. It took a few seconds to

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Zera and the Green Man: Chapter 33

Everything seemed to move in slow motion as a tall, handsome man, followed by a dozen other men in olive drab clothes and heavy boots, entered the room. Soldiers? Zera thought, standing half-hidden behind a heart-tree. The piercing cries stopped; she could hear again. Bear pivoted, camera in hand as the leader of the group yelled, “Stop what you’re doing, now!” Zera’s focus went to the man behind the handsome

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Zera and the Green Man: Chapter 32

Lily pressed the button next to the door in the clean room, and the entrance to the laboratory slid open. The huge room was bathed in a gray glow of dim lights. Rows and rows of white laboratory tables covered with microscopes stood empty. “Down there,” pointed Lily, “to the elevator.” In contrast to the lab, the light in the elevator shone bright white. Lily pushed the button for the

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Zera and the Green Man: Chapter 31

Zera wasn’t really okay, like she’d told Lily. She’d been on edge since their arrival at Void Corporation. For awhile she hadn’t felt too worried, but as the night went on the calmness and well-being she felt after she materialized in the oak tree completely disappeared. Everything was happening too fast. Bear and Drew, busy with preparations, hadn’t told her any details about their plans. Now the helicopter moved silently

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