The Dalai Lama on Compassion

  Whether people are beautiful and friendly or unattractive and disruptive, ultimately they are human beings, just like oneself. Like oneself, they want happiness and do not want suffering. Furthermore, their right to overcome suffering and be happy is equal to one’s own. Now, when you recognize that all beings are equal in both their desire for happiness and their right to obtain it, you automatically feel empathy and closeness

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Clock Watching

She calls to me from the balcony – using the wrong vowel – during her four o’clock cigarette break. I tell her I can’t stay long, immediately wishing I hadn’t, but she understands. Her yellowed fingers pet my dog as she hunchback mumbles I’ve been looking for you. Where have you been? After her partial burns to the filter, we weave through wheelchairs and walkers and she waves a Miss

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Teddy Roosevelt on the Invisible Government

Political parties exist to secure responsible government and to execute the will of the people. From these great tasks both of the old parties have turned aside. Instead of instruments to promote the general welfare they have become the tools of corrupt interests, which use them impartially to serve their selfish purposes. Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the

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Google Glass and Beyond

Google Glass, the first product of “smart” wearable electronics, went public in 2013 through the Glass Explorer pilot program. Separate from the traditional wristwatch, Google’s most recent invention makes an augmented reality possible (click on this link for a sample experience), visually displaying smartphone-like information before the reader’s eyes, receiving and responding to voice commands, filming what the viewer is watching, and so on. Legal issues are already arising due to the use

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The Amitabha Stupa in Sedona, Arizona

The Amitabha Stupa in Sedona, Arizona is 36 feet tall and filled with rolls of prayer mantra, grains, medicines, objects of beauty, and even meteorites, all to protect and replenish the five elements of earth, air, fire, water, and space. Consecrated and sacred, the stupa serves as a beacon of compassion designed to overcome the misery and delusion of attachment, all while casting healing prayers for the betterment of mankind.