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The Mathematics of a Massacre

I, like many Americans, followed the events in Las Vegas with a mixture of horror and helplessness. I’m tired of thoughts and prayers and flower memorials and most of all tired of the routine nature of mass shootings in America. Each new massacre unfolds like an old-fashioned melodrama in which everyone plays their role, the audience knows what will happen next, and then the actors disappear from the stage until

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Gunnies, Grabbers and Rewriting the Second Amendment

There is no rational discourse between the two sides of the Second Amendment debate. This is a pity but understandable when one considers that most of the people involved are driven totally by emotion. I have written a couple of columns about guns, gun culture, and the law: https://www.usrepresented.com/2016/03/29/who-are-the-good-guys-with-guns/ https://www.usrepresented.com/2014/06/30/when-the-tide-goes-way-way-out/ But now that the Democrats have seized gun control as a campaign issue, it is inevitable that the gun laws

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Ben Carson Under Fire

I cannot call what happened at UCC in Roseburg, Oregon a tragedy. Gun violence in general and mass shootings in particular have become too common place in America to call them tragedies. They are the natural consequences of allowing easy and unrestricted access to guns and ammunition. (Full disclosure: I own guns and a concealed carry permit and am a former member of the NRA.) It’s like parking your car

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