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The Les Paul and Stratocaster Are Playing an Old, Old Tune

Just a few months after starting to play the guitar, I read a line in an article saying something like, “the Gibson Les Paul is a rite of passage for guitar players.” I also remember hearing the old saw, “the Les Paul and Stratocaster need no improvement as they’re the pinnacle of electric guitar design.” But even before I truly understood what makes a good guitar, I knew these statements were

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Dreaming of Playing a Funky D Chord: A Bar Band Musician’s Tribute to Glenn Frey

Already, 2016 is turning out to be a terrible year for being a musician of a certain age, and we haven’t even finished the third full week. A few days ago, David Bowie died, and now, Glenn Frey is gone. A few might dismiss Frey as “The Heat is On” guy, the ex-Eagle who also acted in Miami Vice, or that dude who did commercials for some California health club

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