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A Full-Tilt Tribute to the 1896 Harmonica

A harmonica? The thing’s only four inches long! All kinds of notes are missing! Harp players have to show up with a briefcase full of different keys, just to play! They’re so tinny and shrill! So why would a serious musician ever choose the harmonica to play music on? Admittedly, this is good question. But a large one. American harmonica has a long and venerable tradition. For now, this means

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The Vicious Pixies began their last song of the night. Abby Simone prowled from one edge of the stage to the other, lost in the opening notes of an unhinged variant of “A Tisket A Tasket.” The keyboardist played a sparkly sequence of notes on a xylophone while a backup singer ran her fingers across a row of chimes in steady intervals. The drummer worked the brushes, and the bass

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That’s not the way it happened, and I have the picture to prove it. It’s just that the picture is in my mind.

From Beneath the Waves

The sun crested the horizon and began to slowly burn the mist away from the water. Helen sat at her writing desk and stared out the window. The sea was calm and the waves were mild. She hadn’t missed her morning swim all summer. At seventy years old, she needed perfect conditions. Helen finished the letter she had been composing for the last hour, folded it carefully, and slipped it

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Silence Sounds of words unspoken Words unheard Words, words, words Won’t stop dropping pen tops Won’t stop jumping roadblocks Won’t stop chucking hard knocks And I can’t keep calling time fake I can’t sleep so I stay awake Thinking second belated Backwards ratings about past Relationships. I’ve got some frustrations. Let me tip my hat You got me going Rolling really swell Now I’m scaling the cliffs of hell To

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What If Celebration Community Poem – Colorado Springs Compiled by Lindsay Deen and Taylor Johnson Ness This poem was compiled by the community at the 2017 What If Celebration by Poetry Heals. The words were hung upon a garland by those who passed by the booth on their way to the Portal. We’ve taken the words, in order, and compiled a poem, creating complete sentences, and only changing verb tenses

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