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Silence Sounds of words unspoken Words unheard Words, words, words Won’t stop dropping pen tops Won’t stop jumping roadblocks Won’t stop chucking hard knocks And I can’t keep calling time fake I can’t sleep so I stay awake Thinking second belated Backwards ratings about past Relationships. I’ve got some frustrations. Let me tip my hat You got me going Rolling really swell Now I’m scaling the cliffs of hell To

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What If Celebration Community Poem – Colorado Springs Compiled by Lindsay Deen and Taylor Johnson Ness This poem was compiled by the community at the 2017 What If Celebration by Poetry Heals. The words were hung upon a garland by those who passed by the booth on their way to the Portal. We’ve taken the words, in order, and compiled a poem, creating complete sentences, and only changing verb tenses

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It’s all a collective memory shaped by a planet of dreamers living inside themselves, waiting for release.

Prickly Pear Cactus–Queen of the Desert Summer Solstice

Upon the ground spreads Brave pioneer of the desert sands Paddle-shaped stems In spiny armor Look as if plant fit for here But a closer look in fact Can deceive Upon its crests display Tender yellow crepe paper blossoms Aglow from sun at highest strength In prosperity over harsh climate Teaches one of nature’s great lessons What appears delicate  May be of the strong Fragile overcomes fierceness of environment ***

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I just want to be a poem

I just want to be a poem, To let my motions move you to speak, So you say my name in A thousand different ways, each word A drop of rain captured on pen tip In a spiral notebook I want my eyes to see you As you speak my language written In silver letters Across midnight skies, And you wake from the dream And the magic is so strong

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They listened to the wind through the branches, wrapped arm in arm, alone and complete. Beyond the walls of the small weathered house, night creatures foraged for anything they could find, invisible owners of the desolate plains.