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Team Rubicon: Harvey and Irma Meet Their Match

Almost two years ago, I wrote an article about Team Rubicon, a disaster-relief group made up primarily of veterans. Now, seven years after its inception, Team Rubicon is facing its largest challenges yet: hurricanes Harvey and Irma, with Jose not far behind. Disaster relief is needed in America now more than ever, and Team Rubicon has expanded its base, its outreach programs, its partnerships, and its ways to help almost

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Team Rubicon: A Force To Recon With

“Why do you do it? Why do you leave your nice, comfortable life and go work so hard? Sleep on the ground? Eat MREs instead of a hot meal? Get banged up and bruised, so sore you feel like you have been hit with a stick?” “How can I not?” is the reply, via a recent Facebook post. This verbal exchange defines what “crossing the Rubicon” really means: taking a

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