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Either Trump is Toast or We Are

The flipping of Michael Flynn from Trump insider to FBI informant is the John Dean moment for Donald Trump. It is a seminal event that I believe signals the beginning of the end of the Trump administration. I am not alone in this belief or in comparing the current administration to the Nixon White House. But while Watergate was a tragedy for the nation, the coming constitutional crisis is better

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Trump-Free Tuesdays

People who know me, as well as my three regular readers, have asked me why I haven’t written about our fearless leader for a while. The answer is simple: Trump is a reality show train wreck who is as interesting to me as the Kardashians. Until, or unless something new happens with P.G. Trump, I have already written all I want to on the subject. Trump’s entanglement with Russia, check.

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Some Trumpsters, particularly those in the administration, gushed at how “presidential” the Donald was in delivering his Afghanistan speech. I don’t see it. What I saw was a flip-flop on an issue he doesn’t care about based on the advice of his generals. Furthermore, I don’t understand his secret strategy for winning. Or even what winning in Afghanistan would look like. What I do understand is history. I also understand

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Trump Is the President We Both Deserve and Need

My three regular readers are probably cleaning up the coffee they spit out upon reading the title of this missive. But people who know me understand that I don’t fit into any easily identifiable political/social box. I am neither Liberal nor Conservative but agree with both depending on the issue. For example, I protested vigorously against the Vietnam War but served there when my time came. I am for a

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Donald Trump as Tricky Dick Reincarnated

I’m not the first person to notice the many similarities between Trump and Nixon. And if events in Washington unfold as I think they will, I won’t be the last. Roger Stone, Trump’s friend and author of a book about the 2016 election, makes a strong comparison between the two presidents. There even exists a letter from Nixon urging Trump to run for office. The question is whether the similarities

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Two Facts That are Too Important for Trump to Ignore

As I sat at the kitchen table ostensibly doing my homework, I could tell that my mother’s conversation with my fourth grade teacher was not going well for me. I sighed when she told my teacher thank you and hung up. I knew what was coming next. “She says it’s not about spelling words correctly,” my mother began. “It’s about learning to use the dictionary and the words properly.” I

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