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Trump Is the President We Both Deserve and Need

My three regular readers are probably cleaning up the coffee they spit out upon reading the title of this missive. But people who know me understand that I don’t fit into any easily identifiable political/social box. I am neither Liberal nor Conservative but agree with both depending on the issue. For example, I protested vigorously against the Vietnam War but served there when my time came. I am for a

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Donald Trump as Tricky Dick Reincarnated

I’m not the first person to notice the many similarities between Trump and Nixon. And if events in Washington unfold as I think they will, I won’t be the last. Roger Stone, Trump’s friend and author of a book about the 2016 election, makes a strong comparison between the two presidents. There even exists a letter from Nixon urging Trump to run for office. The question is whether the similarities

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Two Facts That are Too Important for Trump to Ignore

As I sat at the kitchen table ostensibly doing my homework, I could tell that my mother’s conversation with my fourth grade teacher was not going well for me. I sighed when she told my teacher thank you and hung up. I knew what was coming next. “She says it’s not about spelling words correctly,” my mother began. “It’s about learning to use the dictionary and the words properly.” I

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The WYSIWYG Trump Presidency

Trump supporters have cited Trump’s transparency as one reason why they are so enthusiastic about him. They claim he is plain spoken and they know just where he stands on issues. The “lying media” cannot be believed when it comes to reporting on Trump according to his supporters. Facts mean nothing, and Trump himself famously boasted that he could shoot somebody and it wouldn’t affect his support. They are frustrated

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Racism Today, Racism Tomorrow, Racism Forever

Every time I see a news story about a white person expounding on racism in America, I cringe. Exhibit A is the recent Twitter war between the Orange One and Georgia Representative John Lewis. Imitating the Three Stooges, Maine Governor Paul LePage, Iowa Representative Steve King, and D-list actor Rob Schneider jumped in and are the latest white people to expose their ignorance of both recent and more distant American

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Trump at Bat

In one very real sense, Donald Trump’s inauguration this week represents a success story. We had eight years of a black president who didn’t get assassinated. Some people might think that is morbid. And some people might think that’s a very low bar for success. Some might even give the Secret Service all of the credit for keeping Obama upright. But taking into consideration all of the scandals and security

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