Colorado Springs City Council Vetoes People’s Will

In this video about Marijuana Reform, USR columnist and editor Lindsay Deen explores government officials’ reactions to Amendment 64 and, in her opinion, their attempts to ignore the will of the majority. She offers thoughtful commentary and detailed evidence to support her claims.

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Click here to access the interactive flash video on a new page, click: City Council Vetoes People’s Will: Interactive Video Version. In this version, you can access most of my sources by the click of a button. (Note: Some links to governmental sources don’t always work, so I’ve included my citations below as links.)

Or you can watch the YouTube Video here:

Reference List:

Colorado Springs City Council Video Original

Mayor Bach’s Onetime Plan for Colorado Springs’ Future

Map from Board of County Commissioners via Colorado Springs Independent (@CSIndy)

Original Map from City Council Page

Sample Ballot from El Paso County

Full Rally Video via CS Gazette (@csgazette)

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In addition, you can view the video directly on the USR YouTube Channel.