Navigating Our Site!

les stroud navigatorHello everyone,

We figured we should share a discussion on US Represented’s layout and how to navigate it. We’ve also added it above as a page called “Layout and Navigation,” so anyone can easily access it at all times.

Navigating the Main Bar

What’s New?
To learn about site upgrades, recent postings, upcoming events, and interesting asides, go to the “What’s New?” tab on the top of the page. The USR weekly updates are all cataloged here, so you can reference past and current additions to the design and content of US Represented.

Opinion and Analysis
Each article filed under “Opinion” presents a persuasive argument where the author comes to the conversation with a conviction to be defended. “Analysis” breaks the components of a subject down into separate elements in order to reach a deeper understanding of that topic. Admittedly, these categories are sometimes difficult to differentiate, and articles are occasionally designated “opinion” or “analysis” somewhat arbitrarily.

Various members of the US Represented staff and other contributing writers have interviewed several notable figures, and these insightful pieces can be found under the “Interviews” tab.

This section contains articles pertaining to topical events of all kinds.

Perspective for Hire
“Perspective for Hire” is a column that features the works of USR writer, editor, and designer Lindsay Dean. Lindsay is a first-rate activist, artist, poet, and journalist. She has been on the USR staff since its inception and plays an ongoing, vital role in the site’s vision and development.

Creative Writing
This category encompasses several genres of writing, including creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry and a USR special, “One Good Paragraph.” “One Good Paragraph” was designed as an oasis for short but intriguing ideations on topics that can be summarized in a few eloquent sentences.

Visual Arts
Visually appealing media ends up in one of our seven “Visual Arts” subcategories: photography, painting, drawing, digital media, design, sculpture and graffiti.

If you’re looking to improve your writing, reasoning, and ability to argue effectively, you can head on over to “Education,” where the USR staff has put together a few videos to help viewers tighten their technical and rhetoric skills. As is the case for all site sections dedicated to information, entertainment, creativity, and debate, this area will continue to grow.

This is where you can find information on all of USR’s contests.

Posting and Membership
This is where you go if you want to learn about USR membership and posting etiquette.

Left and Right Sidebars / Main Body

You can log in to the site via the dialogue box at the top of the left sidebar. To receive email updates from USR, you can subscribe by clicking on the SUBSCRIBE TO OUR BLOG VIA EMAIL button beneath the login section. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr widgets are also on the left column, and you can view our most recent posts on those sites by entering those portals.

Tags help us categorize articles and easily identify the relevant information contained in those articles. Tags are handy because they aren’t hierarchical. This means you can find the same article under several different category definitions. You can locate a tagged article by searching for the author’s name or by finding keywords related to the article’s subject matter. Every article’s tags are visible beneath the article name. You will also find a large selection of POPULAR TAGS in a “tag cloud” in the lower-right corner of the page.

Articles with more than one page will have page numbers listed below them. Click these to navigate through the pages of an article.

When viewing an article, you have the option to like it on Facebook. This increases our viewership and advertises smart content. You can also share our pieces by hitting the send button beneath every article.

Thank you for being here and sharing this experience. We will continue to honor your interest with quality work.

Magnolia Cook