The US Represented Weekly Update

Hello US Represented members and guests,

We hope you’ve been enjoying a safe and refreshing holiday season and are looking forward to ushering in the new year with positive intentions. Our goal is to continue growing, upgrading, and diversifying the site so we can better engage your interests and keep you informed of things not everyone discusses nowadays. Over the past week, we’ve published a few interesting works. Jonathan Read’sAdditive Manufacturing Is Printing Your Future” details the amazing 3D printing phenomenon that is already beginning to reshape American culture. Pete Howard’sForever Forty-Something” is an intimate childhood vignette of the unusual yet significant friendships we develop at different stages of our lives. In “Another Day in Sedona,” Eric Stephenson describes his experience of a visit to the Amitabha Stupa. Eric also shares a discussion on a forward-thinking school doing a fine job of supporting its community in “Yavapai College, the Wine Industry, and Smart Planning.” In all, we feel good about the work we’ve done and the time we’ve spent with you over the past year, and we hope you feel the same way. Thank you for being who you are.

The USR Staff