The US Represented Weekly Update

Hello USR members and guests,

It’s great to talk to you again, and we hope you’re having a good week. We’ve been making some progress in this neck of the woods. For instance, Lindsay Deen upgraded the page numbering for our articles. She enlarged the font, so the page numbering is much easier to find, now. We also have someone working on redesigning our Visual Arts section, and she thinks she might have an upgrade for us within a week or two. Once this is accomplished, we’ll have a visual arts contest, which should be really fun.

We posted a number of engaging works over the past week. In “Certain Lines,” Eric Stephenson describes the art involved in defining difficult family relationships. “Afterburn” is an entertaining period piece that explores the dangers of children playing with matches, and “The Unforgiving Sky” takes you through the experience of a parachute jump gone very wrong. Tim Poindexter’s Google Glass and Beyond” analyzes the inevitable craze we’ll be seeing regarding “smart” glasses. We also posted some excellent poetry. Mildred Plew Meigs’s Moon Song” is an enchanting poem that takes you to a place where “Only the moon man knows.” Mandy Solomon’s poem “Clock Watching” offers the reader a poignant glimpse of elderly care. We also included outstanding paragraphs from Martin Luther King, Jr., Teddy Roosevelt, and the Dalai Lama, so as you can see, it was a pretty productive week. We enjoyed the work, and we loved sharing it with you.

Keep being who you are, and we’ll talk to you soon.

The USR Staff