The US Represented Weekly Update

victorian 3Hello USR members and guests,

It’s been a productive week of diverse offerings. In “Adding Insult to Injury,” Amanda Fox argues that rude people and cheapskates should stay away from restaurants. Janele Johnson’s Taking Up Space” is a poem about verbals and the philosophy of self-acceptance that probably only an English teacher obsessed with language would write. Pete Howard’s The New Addiction” points out that “the success of any advertisement is the accuracy with which it reflects the existing values and behavior patterns of its targeted demographic group,” which is a growing problem in the Information Age. Eric Stephenson’sSquatters” shows that where we lived and why we lived there shape memory and remind us of our past identities. New USR contributor Nancy Lynn Alexander’s Ode to Philip Seymour Hoffman” is an experimental statement on the absurdity of how life sometimes works. We also included some works from Dostoevsky, W.B. Yeats, and Joan Didion. We’re close to completing our Visual Arts upgrade. We’ll keep you posted.

The USR Staff