The US Represented Weekly Update

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Hello USR members and guests,

It’s been a busy week. In “Education Reform from the Bottom Up,” Pete Howard suggests an overhaul of America’s education system based on four major changes, but this can only happen “when active educators take on a much larger role. We need an overhaul from the bottom-up, not another top-down mandate that is based on a misguided theory and political agenda.” Eric Stephenson’sSarah’s Puzzle” shows that it’s never too late to discover hidden pieces of one’s life puzzle. Devon Berry’s Confessions of a Derby Dame” is a perceptive and honest analysis of the roller derby experience. Moreover, Devon’s “Earthships: Hobbit Chic at the Right Price” explains why Earthships might well play a significant role in the housing industry in the near future. In “Putting the ‘Fair’ Back into Fair Trade,” McKenzie Bartels argues that fair trade “is in danger of doing the exact things it is trying to stop.” Sami Kear’s Wellington, Colorado: A Cautionary Water Tale” highlights some real problems Colorado and the nation face concerning potable water, which might be our most pressing issue over the next few decades. In “I Saw the Sign: Keeping Colorado Springs Clean through Volunteerism,” Damian Bedford points out that despite a huge budget shortfall, when citizens “hike, swim, or ride a bike and see someone cleaning up, the chances are pretty good that the person doing the work is giving his or her own free time and money for that space.” Margaret Atwood’s “Siren Song” puts a brilliant twist on a grand old theme.

Thank you for spending time with us, and please keep being who you are.

The USR Staff