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birdsHi USR members and guests,

This week’s offerings focus a bit on health and environmental issues although not entirely. Janelle Watson’sSan Francisco Must Stop Abusing Its Marine Mammals” makes a strong case for greater protection of aquatic animals. Eric Stephenson’sUnintended Consequences” describes what happens when a homeless Veteran finds a pistol in a dumpster. Lord Byron’s “There be none of Beauty’s daughters” might be one of the world’s finest love poems. In “Growing a Healthy Community in Colorado Springs,” Katy Stambler points out that it “would benefit everyone to learn how stress-free, financially profitable, and rewarding urban gardening can be.” In “Taking Responsibility for Welfare,” Daneal Liller argues two main points regarding welfare: “that a lack of resources is not the problem and that through the resource of entrepreneurial ability, people can thrive off of their circumstances; they just need to be shown how.” In “Heritage Hills, Sustainable Farming, and Humane Living,” Amirah Counts discusses the disturbing practices of industrial farming and then details some effective strategies of sustainable farming. Amirah features Heritage Hills Farm as an efficient and profitable model. The astronaut selection process is already underway for the Mars One mission that will “pioneer a sustainable living alternative for humans on Mars and deliver a reality TV show in the process” by 2024, as Sam Schoenecker explains in his article “Mars One: The Project Is Underway.”

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