The US Represented Weekly Update

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Hello everyone,

It’s nice to speak with you again. Our writers have contributed some strong texts to this week’s collection. In “Community Gardening: Getting Our Hands Dirty,” Jennifer Lucero points out that community gardens “revitalize our prosperity, health, and happiness by maintaining whole food supplies for everyone, which means everyone should support this growing environmental trend.” Judith Beatty’s “Room” is a touching memoir of a little girl suffering from polio in a hospital room in 1949 and receiving a visit from her parents. In Eric Stephenson’sRandom Acts of Kindness,” unsolicited deeds produce unexpected results. Colette Fontenot’s “Shipping Container Architecture: Waste Not, Want Not,” proves that “Container architecture is no longer just a minor trend. It’s a smart and often necessary alternative.” In “TV Made Them Lose Their Home,” Amanda Fox offers a real-world cautionary tale of what can happen to misguided families who focus too much time obsessing over television. “A Night in the Box” defines a form of decadence tied to the Roman Catholic Church, presented as a Film Noir. Edgar Allan Poe’s “Annabel Lee” haunts the imagination of anyone who knows the pain of a lost love, and Pablo Neruda’s “The Enigmas” defines existential uncertainty through allegorical contemplation of the sea. Tim Gleason’sKingdom Lost” shows that much of life depends on how one deals with a nail pop.

We’ll talk to you soon, and please keep being who you are.

The USR Staff