Writing Saved Me

The further I got into life, the worse my life became and the more I needed to write about it. The more I expressed my feelings through written words, the less I wanted to give into urges of self-pity. Writing didn’t destroy all the bad thoughts that tormented me, but it allowed me to think past them. The process became a sanctuary no one could touch or take away, and this got me through the loss, heartache, and pain I endured daily. Expressing my deepest thoughts behind a notebook cover allowed me to be a different person. It gave me opportunities to paint pretty pictures though beautiful lyrics and nonverbal lectures. Communicating in secrecy with a pen and paper enabled me to see my future as a guaranteed plan instead of a maze of dead ends. Writing encouraged me in my worst days and inspired me through my best. My words on hundreds of pieces of paper taught me how to be someone who loves to live, laugh, and find beauty in every unspoken word.