The US Represented Weekly Update


Hello USR members and guests,

We’ve had a steady, solid week on the site. FreedomWolf’s “The Navy’s New Railgun: Fast, Cheap, and Lethal” discusses how the USNS Millinocket, set to begin trials in 2016, will be the first vessel ever fitted with a new weapon called a “railgun,” which will be faster, cheaper, and more lethal than a conventional gun or cannon. Katy Stambler’sNorway’s State-of-the-Art Energy Technology” discusses Norway’s visionary willingness to “counteract [energy] problems with such operations as wind turbines, a hydrogen hybrid project, and osmotic power plants capable of producing hydrogen fuel generally emission-free.” In Lindsay Deen’s poem “Letting Go,” the poet says, “And I see you for the first time / You are not who you seem to be / Nor me. / Still, who we can be remains to be seen.” In “The Light of God Shines Best Through a Glass Ceiling,” Armando Sapien highlights the life of Sister Enrica Rosanna, the only woman to ever hold a position of significance in the Vatican. In this week’s installment of Emily Badovinac’s novel, Deep Red, Chapter 9, Marlo gets a mixed bag from an old friend delivering memories. In Cheri Arfsten’s one-act play Affected, an ominous virus begins to cause havoc in an unsuspecting city. In Eric Stephenson’sCriminal Justice,” Zeke and Whitney race into the wilderness to warn a friend that assassins are on his trail. We also included a poem in honor of Walt Whitman’s 195th birthday and Maya Angelou’sWhen You Come,” in honor of a great American poet who, although she has passed, will always be with us through her literary legacy.

Thank you for spending time with us here at US Represented, and please keep being who you are.

The USR Staff