Perspective for Hire Now Published Every Monday

Hello US Represented members and guests,

We are now posting Perspective for Hire articles every Monday. Perspective for Hire is a column created several months ago by USR editor and columnist Lindsay Deen and dedicated to analysis, argument, reflection, and creative expression. Staff and featured contributors are given free rein to share their thoughts on their own terms to engage, inform, and entertain our audience. Last Monday, we published a fine review in the column by staff writer and novelist Emily Badovinac called “The Evolution of Burlesque: Halequin Aces Presents and Evening with Van Ella.” This Monday, staff writer Cheryl Ray’sSunburn Logic” discusses the strange phenomenon of Irish people enjoying the little sun they get while refusing to use sunscreen for their very pale skin. In fact, you can’t even find sunscreen in many Irish towns. We think you’ll enjoy the column as much as we enjoy sharing it with you. You can visit the Perspective for Hire portal by clicking on any of the corresponding links above.

The USR Staff