The US Represented Weekly Update

Hello USR members and guests,

In our Monday Perspective for Hire article “Another Blow to Democracy in the Heartland,” Lindsay Deen takes Colorado Springs City Council President Keith King to task for being unwilling to “add a local issues ballot insertion into the 2014 November ballot” because “the City of Colorado Springs cannot afford to join the state elections in November.” As Deen points out, “Perhaps this marks a new suffrage movement — suffrage for the poor.” Eric Stephenson’s “Cervantes’s Neighborhood” explores the question of how Spaniards themselves view the explosive transformations taking place around them now that they, too, are children of the Information Age, governed by the dictates of a homogeneous global economy. This week’s contribution to Cadence, our USR poetry feature, is a work called “She Again” from ItsReaLight. Light is a brilliant multi-talented artist who has performed her works in well-known venues throughout the country. “She Again” toys with identity through a playful unraveling and restructuring of language, as we see in lines like “I am wise enough to know / That my past tense is relevant to my always / Repeating without replay.” In “Dealing with Wildfire Damage to Water Supplies,” Gina McBroom discusses a few sensible solutions for mitigating wildfire damage to our water supplies. For instance, “The high costs and work efforts needed seem obvious after a fire has gone through a national forest, and one way to better combat these concerns lies in the idea of the city partnering with the forest service. The two could split the costs of rehabilitation after the damage.” In our Friday installment of Emily Badovinac’s novel, Deep Red, Chapter 13, Jack returns to Haven, succumbing to the loyalty that binds him to both Marlo and the counsel. In Shasta Bedard’s “Grow Zone Action: Habitat Restoration in Austin, Texas,” Grow Zone “finds natural means to reduce erosion and carbon pollution while restoring, maintaining, and even creating new habitats, all with the help and enthusiasm of the community. Austin has created a natural and cost effective solution to a number of their environmental problems.” In Eric Stephenson’s “The Treehouse,” this week’s Another Story offering, an artist comes of age and finds herself returning to roots everyone understands.

The USR Staff