The US Represented Weekly Update

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Our expanding rotation of featured writings made for a week of strong contributions. In the Monday Perspective for Hire column, “When the Tide Goes Way, Way Out. . . ,” Jerome Parent argues that no matter what anyone thinks about gun rights and the Second Amendment, “There is a meme hidden away that will change the debate completely if and when it gets out. And if it doesn’t, there are other memes waiting.” As Emily Badovinac points out in “10 Reasons to Participate in Your Local Storytelling Community,” our 10 Reasons column, “The beauty of storytelling is that each person who steps on to the stage has a personal truth they wish to communicate. These stories offer lessons, entertainment, and humor, and they reveal a measure of reality that you might never otherwise have the chance to experience (or share).” Our Wednesday Cadence poetry column features Andrew Ziegler’s “Patterns,” which describes the haunting ritual of insulin dependence. In “Women’s Bean Project: Smart Assistance for Those in Need,” Katy Stambler discusses a social enterprise that helps others “overcome seemingly insurmountable life struggles and move forward.” In fact, “those who complete the program leave with the ability to achieve more than they imagined possible.” Eric Stephenson’s “July 4th in the Age of Uncertainty” honors a national holiday that stands the test of time regardless of cultural transformations. In the Friday installment of Emily Badovinac’s novel, Deep Red, Chapter Fourteen, once Marlo is secluded in the cabin, her trepidation about the full moon, and all it entails, grows. In “Feed Your Body, Feed Your Soul: Creating Food Security through Urban Farming,” Tessie Walters discusses the importance of self-sufficiency through urban gardening and micro-farming. In Eric Stephenson’s weekly Another Story posting, “Running from Death,” Mitch figures out what’s wrong with his life and decides to do something about it.

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