The US Represented Weekly Update


Hello USR members and guests,

We hope you had a good week, and thanks for checking in on the Weekly Update. In our Monday Perspective for Hire article “Marriage without Vowing to Obey,” Sarah Hook says of her upcoming marriage, “I’ll celebrate it without a white dress, without vowing to obey, and without my father walking me down the aisle like some property being gifted from one family to another. . . .” In “Ten Reasons to Go to a Play and Support Local Theatre,” Cheryl Ray interviews Scott RC Levy, Producing Artistic Director of the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center Theatre Company, on the significant role local theatre plays in American culture. In “Subdivision Yard Sale,” this week’s contribution to Cadence, our poetry feature, Dana Zimbleman details the more and less popular items at a yard sale while “Wishing Hamlet could climb out of the bargain bin / to avenge the death of good taste and judgment.” Devon Berry’s “From Introvert to Author and Back Again: Why Everyone Should Write Something” explains that writing “doesn’t relieve me of all stress when it comes to socializing, but it certainly brings me closer to a level of comfort that I desire.” In this week’s installment of Emily Badovinac’s novel, Deep Red, Chapter 16, after receiving some sustenance, Marlo gains a better perspective. Eric Stephenson’s “The Shape of Revenge” argues that “[r]emembering unconscionable behavior proves stultifying, not liberating, and the chance to feel good about oneself disappears with an insubstantial past that probably should have been shaped differently to begin with.” In “Art in the Blues,” a man slips away from his family for a while and finds out he needs more time to himself.

The USR Staff