Letting Go

Silence was a long shout.
She took his heart away,
And he drank to quell the venom she spat,
And she disengaged
Because no pain was worth that.

I am constant as a falling star, or
My teardrops are–
Patters of memory make patterns to enrapture me
And I see you for the first time
You are not who you seem to be
Nor me.
Still, who we can be remains to be seen.

She loves at first sight
And takes flight because
She is bereft of breath
And her tongue slides only to tease, they say.

But I am Aphrodite on the wave
And this vibration is my oscillation.
Like sirens singing I’m flinging my light
To scream through the dream:
Let me be free!
And my memories no longer rain.

My gyrations are only imitations, titrations,
Until the goddess reins unchained,
Realizing that freedoms is an embodiment.
No quiet nights await.
Get ready to levitate.