The US Represented Weekly Update

cleveland skyline

Hello USR members and guests,

We hope you’re in good spirits and enjoying life. We published some interesting works over the past week. In our Lebron Comes Home? Pete Howard says of LeBron James’s return to Cleveland, “Despite all the great notions surrounding the ‘return of the king’—atonement, just rights, rebirth—the reality will be something very different.” In “Ten Reasons to Reduce Your Intake of Gluten, Dairy, Refined Sugar, and Meat,” Evelyn Steel, owner of Nourish Organic Juice in Colorado Springs, explains why it’s so important to maintain a healthy diet. Pete’s poem “A Theory of Creation” describes the mysteries of origin and reanimation. Eric Stephenson’s “They Didn’t Seem to Care” studies the minds of a beagle and his owner. In our weekly installment of Emily Badovinac’s novel, Deep Red, Chapter 18, Jack pleads with Marlo’s shadow self in an attempt to keep her light from disappearing during the full moon shift. “What a Good City Needs” defines several features of a desirable urban environment. Finally, in “The Turbulent Sea,” Cynthia Perez makes a life-changing decision.

The USR Staff