How to Count


the senses explore the world,
and inform us of all that is
for the world is all we know
and we all know different.
The universe is fractal
cousins look alike
and yet, you are not
your brothers and sisters
and certainly not those
in far off lands.
We cannot answer for each other,
no one can answer for I but I.
take a master and serve it well
and know the scarred heart
serves nothing
but itself.


which did the snake eat first,
the chicken or
her egg?
questions arise in the mind
and fear is born of two hemispheres
is it all an accident?
is this all for naught?
do not forget the answer that resides in one
and continues in two.
all is love
the evil of the world
only goes the wrong direction.
one must live right
or take what’s left.
but do not fear a bad choice
as another go around
is bound to take place.
breathe your passion into the world
but first, you must breathe in
and taste the world
that we know what is
what could be.
distinction is born
of this and that
man and womb-man,
two pillars forming the gate.
day and night
energy and matter
active and passive.
To choose or not to choose. . . .


as the line splits the circle
man and wife make child
two extremes birth a compromise.
there is now place on the scale
and the words of the heart are weighed
against the thoughts of the mind
and the action of the body.
we reap what we sow
past, present and future
the child will suffer the circumstance of its parents,
as the parents will suffer the child.
to make our world, we need only
think, speak and act it
for that which we do
is that which we will do


the winds blow
west and south. . . . what is the news?
each day
as time drives us through our spatial dimensions
the elements churn around us,
four states of composition:
fire (plasmas)
air (gases)
water (liquids)
earth (solids).
our bodies are born of this mix.
a cross forms as we raise our hands
to our work.
we shall now suffer
the elements,
the directions,
and time
in our physical form.
the circle must be squared,
if we hope to survive.
our work begins in earnest.


yet nature’s path
resides in the first star.
and the work is easily done.
phive are fingers,
our senses,
that our work may be light.
phi resides
in each blossom
and animal,
for all are born of
a splitting circle.
the individual is complete
and nothing lies outside.
The snake convinces Eve
and the perfect circle is never more
as pi spills and runs from the act.
each sinner
must have a path to redemption
for all is broken.
Yet, all is perfect
in near approximation
and the five takes his place
amongst his kind.


There is much that
is not I.
as a second hand forms,
so must we deal with others that are
not me,
and not you.
Interior is reflected in
the exterior.
There is community
and mirrored symmetry
in our fractal universe.
The six-legged bee
builds honeycombs of hexagons
and the hive thrives.
we work for ourselves
for each other.
our sixth sense is born of the five
and our intuition leads us
that we might be more.
A hand offered in friendship
cuts away the fist of anger.
What is a fool
but an intellectual fully
For the world is not the same
when the center is moved.
Each God vying for domination
will have no dominion as
the Gods are roughly equal.
The bands of cooperation
float over the individual greed
of those that refuse to play
Pick allies or enemies
and know both teach the same lesson.


we are magic, with our talents
interests and instincts.
we are meant to practice
cooking (alchemy)
crafting (tinkering)
writing (spells of persuasion)
so we see
the magic of the universe
as it reflects us
in seven colors
with seven chords
and seven properties
of a physical universe.
we define all there is,
matter and energy
with length
and duration.
so is our path seven-fold
of virtue or vice:
temperance or gluttony
chastity or lust
diligence or sloth
kindness or envy
humility or pride
charity or greed
patience or wrath. . . .
what is our destiny
but our destination?
what is our magic
but the way we
live our lives
love or evil
forward or backward?
Our offering of this
and that becomes our reward.


and we shall continue
for all eternity until we
know our story.
the snake climbs the tree,
knowing all, understanding nothing.
eggs are broken and devoured.
the unending energies
of life and death
chains of DNA
the braided curl
of electromagnetism
will sustain or destroy us
as we deserve.
for all is all
and all will succumb
to eternal forces
unless we continue to count and realize
what we are made to be.


the balancing of the balance
thoughts, words, and actions
past, present, and future
body, mind and heart.
and the miracle is the
mirror clue
that will lead us home.
do not believe
in the upside down,
for six is the limit
only for those that refuse
to turn themselves
and feed love into the system
instead of feeding our evol.
for all is all and the nine
in a climbing vortex
with the knowledge
of good and evil,
of that which is
and that which is not
returning us to one
and nothing.


completion brings about a new start
with the one again finding space
and seeing itself as different
from that which is not.
paradox is not
one and zero
1 and 0.
the line and the curve.
there are two yet again,
and counting starts anew.
for although we have the answer,
it is followed by the question.
we must forget
so we can remember
what is the difference?
a line with a start and an end
must bend
and become that which is eternal,
the all-encompassing circle
with no end
no beginning.
there is no distinction
between the circle and the line.
for there is no question
without an answer.
and no answer
without a question.
all is one
and one is the perfect circle
an egg drawn by the
hand of god,
with all the world inside.