The US Represented Weekly Update

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Hello USR members and guests,

We posted some excellent writings this past week. In Perspective for Hire, Lindsay Deen interviews experiential educator Kerry Justine Millen, who wrote a curriculum for the Move Mountains Project in San Luis, Colorado. Of a storm that rolled through the area on her first night in the San Luis valley, Kerry says, “I believe that it was the universe telling me that this is going to be really powerful, and we need to get ready, and I needed to, real quick, get my energies together and be there for those kids. I knew, at that time, there was going to be immense change and transition. There were going to be huge things that we were going to overcome in this community, and there were. . . .” Eric Stephenson’s “Ten Reasons to Exercise Regularly” clarifies why exercise improves everyone’s quality of life. Andrew Lemesany’s “How to Count” says, “phi resides / in each blossom / plant / and animal, / for all are born of / a splitting circle.” “A.Q. Mowbray on Writing” was taken from an editorial in “Materials Research and Standards,” vol. 1, no. 6 (June 1961). Although it is over fifty years old, the beauty and wisdom of the message remain, and not a single word in the piece has more than one syllable. In Emily Badovinac’s weekly installment of her novel, Deep Red, Chapter 20, we return to Haven where Volume I ended; Marlo has just shifted for the second time, and her true nature is trapped inside a monster. In “A Dying Art,” Pete Howard notes, “For Americans in general, the decline of art appreciation will result in a disconnect from the past, a dimmer view of the future, and a present that is less inclusive, less ambitious, less ingenious, and far less mysterious.” In the village of Fractal, a small circle of people “determine who gets elected to public office, what information will be delivered through traditional media outlets, what’s taught in school, including the charter schools, and how the police force and judicial system operate.”

The USR Staff