The US Represented Weekly Update


Hello USR members and guests,

We’re pleased to finally be running a full seven-day rotation of weekly features. This past week’s Perspective for Hire features Lindsay Deen’s “Nan Desu Kan–What Is It?” Lindsay explains, “I tell folks it’s a convention where we all ‘nerd out,’ but that hardly touches on the awesome nerd-dom expressed within the Tech Center Marriott each year. I tell people it’s just ‘some weird thing I do, kinda like going to the circus’ or something. No matter my answer, I’ve not been able to put to words why I come back, why I plan all year to attend, and why I hold this gathering as dear to my heart.” Eric Stephenson’s “Ten Reasons to Moderate Your Use of Digital Platforms” points out that “the typical American web user spends 23 hours per week on digital platforms like email, text, and social networks, to include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and so on. This amounts to nearly 3.3 hours per day that can never be recovered once it has been wasted on feckless online distractions.” Wednesday’s “A Sonnet of Mind and Body” explores the dynamics of an age-old struggle:

“the stirring of our deep
Desires is often only decadence.
So, sometimes the mind needs to crack the whip
And firmly bend the body to its will.”

In Thursday’s “A Greeting to Exhibit A Readers from Jerome Parent,” Jerome tells us a little about himself and how he plans to approach his column. In our Friday installment of Emily Badovinac’s novel Deep Red,  under Jack’s watchful eye, Alexis begins to train Marlo in martial arts. In Saturday’s Post Radical essay “Hit Happens,” Pete Howard explores physical abuse in the day-to-day world of common life, not the world of celebrity. He says, “As depicted here, the victims may never tell, which ensures that they will become victims again in one way or another. And the abusers will go unpunished. The stories will never be told.” Finally, In Sunday’s Another Story feature story “Resonance,” Mark Garrett’s “peculiar gift left him stripped naked in the face of others, devoid of the layers of protection that kept those around him from acknowledging their essence.”

The USR Staff