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We hope you like our site upgrade and appreciate our recent postings. In Monday’s Perspective for Hire, Eric Stephenson’s “12,000 Days” points out that if you live to be 82 years old, “you have the equivalent of 12,000 days of free time to do as you like, assuming near-perfect health, and this number shrinks with each passing moment.” Lindsay Deen’s “Ten Reasons Why Chicken con Chipotle Will Save Your Soul” takes food reviews to a whole new level. In Cadence, our Wednesday poetry feature, Amie Sharp shows that “Travel” happens inside the mind as much as anywhere else. In “Confessions of a Closet Bottle Feeder,” Jerome Parent says, “As we dutifully watched the Lamaze propaganda films, we thought that breastfeeding looked easy enough—smiling, blissful mothers and quiet, contented babies. But if it was so easy, why all the fuss? As we discussed natural childbirth, one couple blurted out that they’d purchased a three-year supply of bottles and formula. Our doubts grew.” In our weekly installment of Emily Badovinac’s novel Deep Red, Marlo learns a new skill, but not without complications. Pete Howard “Guns” asks, “What is the nature of this perceived threat to American citizens that warrants the right for anyone to buy any kind of gun?” In “Vertical,” a son tries to set things right with his father in the face of an approaching storm.

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