The US Represented Weekly Update

leavesHello USR members and guests,

US Represented welcomes novelist Sandra Knauff to our community of writers. Every Monday, we will be posting chapters of Sandra’s popular novel Zera and the Green Man. In “Hitchhiker Inspirational,” Lindsay Deen describes a conversation with The Outlaw, a man who says, “Officers ask me, ‘Are you homeless, sir?’ and you know what I say? I tell ‘em, ‘No, Officer, I’m not homeless. I’ve got a big home,’” he spread his hand wide, indicating the sky, “‘And you’re standing in my living room!’” In “Ten Reasons to Travel,” Eric Stephenson notes that all sorts of interesting things happen when you travel. For instance, “you might meet a tall, slender woman with angular features and serious dark eyes who tells you she’s a lightworker dedicated to helping humanity move forward in a time of ascension, and therefore we must all be careful of what we think and say because the world is in a state of major transition, and we need to move forward in the most productive manner possible.” “The Short Farewell” describes how sudden recognition can change perception. Jerome Parent’s “F-Bombs” rethinks the dynamics of profanity. In Emily Badovinac’s Deep Red, After her dizzing visit with Q, Marlo cylces through a preview of her new life. In “Choices,” Pete Howard argues that not everyone has a choice. He states, “Such a worldview reduces the complexity of human nature to a simple mantra that is dismissive of an individual’s life conditions.” In “On Their Own Ground,” Gordon Baker might not be dreaming. Finally, please welcome Jeff Cleek, a new contributor to US Represented. We’ll be running Jeff’s comic strip “Dick & Rosie” every Sunday. Jeff, it’s great to have you on board!

The US Represented Staff