In Florida

People said you didn’t exist in America, just to make me mad. In Florida, the grass is made of cement. Everything is exactly forty minutes from everything else. Looks like it’s about to rain.

You introduced me to things I’ve never tasted, very late at night. We paid money to get close to death. I drove non-stop to be with you. We were dressed like hippies and our car was our disguise. I held the steering wheel so you could take off your jacket.

Is it just getting away from me that makes you like it? Marco! Polo! I saw chlorine-induced angels in the underwater lights.

I’ll be sick if I go there, just from the sky. It’s your fault I couldn’t color in my grapes. The arch block was glorious.

Disneyworld has red hair. When you asked me to skate I was skating on air.


by Ken Cenicola and Jessy Randall

*     *    *    *    *

Ken Cenicola and Jessy Randall have known each other since about 1990. Their collaborations have appeared in Pilgrimage, Press 1, Robot Melon, and Stirring.

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