Find Your Bandmates on Craigslist

One might argue that placing an ad on Craigslist isn’t the best way to find bandmates, but I recently met a band called Fall From Silence who did exactly that—with great results. Colorado Springs doesn’t have many decent metal bands, but Fall From Silence, whom I interviewed this week, is a band I think really stands a chance against its competition. With 1,083 likes on their Facebook page, the future looks bright for these guys who, because of an ad on Craigslist, came together from all over the country to make their mark here in Colorado Springs.

Robert Peeters (lead vocal) is the “local” whose energy is boundless, even off the stage. His style is energetic and raw. Russell Pousson (guitar/vocals), who hails from Louisiana, brings his Southern flavor to the group. Nick Weremblewsky (guitar) claims he is a “New Yorker kicking ass in Colorado writing my soul on six strings.” Kevin Love (bass) has been playing musical instruments for most of his life, and James Elder (drums) estimates that he’s been drumming for about 25 years. Collectively, they have a wide-ranging experience that gives their music variety and ingenuity.

FFS13 (1024x576)

(Credit: Fall From Silence)

As they work to get their first album released, they told me they were surprised at how quickly their sound came together and how easily some songs came to them, especially “Punish” and “Touched By Fire.” Where most bands have a definite leader, Fall From Silence doesn’t function that way. They respect each member’s individual talents, and when one has an idea for a song, the others listen and critique, then they decide as a group whether to take it further. If a song seems to have potential, each member adds his own flavor to it. They enjoy the fact that no one feels like he has to hold back an idea or avoid making a suggestion for a change. Along with themes of “death and despair” (which they chuckle saying), the band also has songs about war, addiction, Vikings, and the Old West.

Three of the band’s members are veterans, so they have a connection to other veterans through their music. This band actively cultivates their relationship to their fans, especially to soldiers from around the world. Robert says that not only does their music help other vets deal with frustration and other symptoms of post-traumatic stress, but it is a form of therapy for him, Russell, and Nick. I can understand why Robert’s bandmates let him “scream it out.”

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(Credit: Fall From Silence)

Not only do these guys have musical talent, they also have talent for other things, like social media, studio recording, merchandising, and graphic arts. Because modern musicians need to meld all these things together to present a package to their audience, Fall From Silence really puts a lot of thought into how they present themselves, both on and off the stage. And their logo is just plain cool.

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(Credit: Fall From Silence)

Even so, it’s hard to break out and get noticed. Finding good rehearsal space and quality recording equipment are hurdles they deal with on a weekly basis. They have high expectations for themselves, so they practice twice a week. Mostly they work on new things, but sometimes they work on songs that they plan to perform at their next show as its performance date gets closer.

It’s easy to see how comfortable these guys are with each other, even after being together for only a year. Since they all have many years of experience in other bands, they feel like they are ahead of the game when it comes to figuring out the direction they want to go. “The learning has already happened. Now it’s all about fun, but we also want international rock stardom,” they joke. “We are very appreciative of our fans.” And their fans are appreciative of them, as one notes: “Heard you here on Tastemaker and instantly became a fan. We hit up your other social media sites as well. Thanks for the great music!”

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(Credit: Fall From Silence)

Fall From Silence’s easy camaraderie during the interview along with their electric energy on the stage make this band one to watch. They will be performing at Sunshine Studios Live on July 12, July 20 and August 14, and are competing in a Battle of the Bands in Denver later this month. Although you probably won’t find them on Craigslist, you can find them on Facebook or on Reverbnation.