An Intuitive Healing

An intuitive healing can be considered an addition to or expansion of Western medicine. Whereas conventional medicine functions as a form of body mechanics, healings unblock energy stoppages that can lead to physical and psychic toxins building up and doing damage to the body and mind. The healer serves as a conduit for channeled energy, freeing the recipient from whichever unhealthy symptoms the blockages engender.

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With all of this in mind, I decided to visit a spiritual center called “Sacred Light of Sedona” for an intuitive healing. My healer, Jose Tolentino, has extensive training in the field and approaches his job in a mature, knowledgeable manner. When I told him I hadn’t had a healing before and wasn’t expecting any major outcomes, he said, “OK. We’ll just tap you into the source,” which sounded good to me. He had me lay down on my back on a gently vibrating massage table, and then he put a cushioned roll under the back of my knees to prop up my legs a bit. To my right, a small waterfall ran over a mini-rock formation. Some pleasant music played in the background. It was tuned to 432 Hz, which Jose said is the frequency that best resonates with nature and therefore relaxes everyone nearby.

He turned his back to me, faced his worktable, and began praying silently. I don’t know what he was praying for, but I’ve been told that healers often pray to be open channels so the energy coming through them is of the highest and most appropriate quality for the recipient. Some healers seek other forms of assistance from spirit guides, while most express gratitude for whatever assistance they receive. Manners matter, and it’s always a good idea to say “Thanks” to those who help you out.

At this point, I was comfortable with the atmosphere and process. Sometimes, I would watch Jose progress through the healing. At others, I would keep my eyes closed and focus on the sensations I was feeling. One thing I noticed was how he relied heavily on vibrational resonances to alter my energy levels. For instance, early on, he used sound healing by ringing bells of different frequencies over me from head to toe. The bells’ pleasant sounds led to my brain processing information more contemplatively. This shouldn’t surprise anyone given that music can and does alter mood and emotion in any number of ways, but the healing’s focused, intentional process affected my body as well, placing me in a state of deep physical relaxation.

Next, Jose swept my aura with crystals. The aura is an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds the human form. Seven chakras concentrate and coordinate the aura’s energies in different ways. Negative thoughts and feelings can create blockages, or imbalances, in the chakras, which might lead to an unhealthy aura and, consequently, mental and physical illness. Healers employ crystals to dissolve blockages and reestablish a healthy energy flow.

Jose followed this by cleansing each chakra with a healing wand. To my surprise, I felt heat running through each part of my body where the wand hovered over me. My blood flow accelerated, the palms of my hands began tingling, my muscles relaxed, and I could actually sense the presence of various internal organs that I don’t normally even think about. Jose then swung a pendulum over each chakra to balance them. At this point, he decided that my crown chakra, or the one at the top of my head, was still blocked and therefore largely out of balance. This is the chakra most associated with understanding one’s place in the universe. When it’s out of balance, we feel lonely and afraid of death. We are detached from the “Superconsciousness.” In this condition, we also spend too much time comparing ourselves to others and finding ourselves wanting.

To remedy the problem, Jose placed his hands a few inches from my temples and showered me with energy. My head became very warm. I could feel the blood flow accelerate inside my skull, and I sensed a deeper connection to everything around me. I wasn’t overthinking anything, just living in the moment, the immediate present, not the past or the future, which is what we actually do all the time anyway whether we realize it or not. I resolved to consider this reality more often, especially during stressful times. Finally, Jose had me breathe in deeply through my mouth and exhale through my nose several times, and the session was over.

Some will dismiss my narrative as pseudoscience, but the experience was real enough to me, and I felt better after the healing, more at ease both mentally and physically. I walked away thinking that everybody is a healer. We should certainly spend more time trying to heal ourselves since we’re all wounded in one way or another. And when we’re wounded, we tend to want to wound others. There’s no point in that. Being kind, relaxed, and happy makes more sense, and a healing can help in these regards.

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