Sharon Carvell Art

Sharon Carvell’s quest for connection through art has been a lifelong endeavor. As her experiences have multiplied, so has her knowledge, her artistic expertise, and her love for trees. She calls trees “an expression of love.” They are, indeed, ancient almost beyond belief—on this planet for 370 million years while modern humans have existed for only 200,000.

While Sharon works in many art mediums, her thought-provoking tree drawings deserve special attention. Of the sexuality in her paintings, Sharon says, “I think we live in a really weird society where you can watch people being mutilated, torn apart, blown up, heads chopped off, eyes punched out, all sorts of things, and our kids grow up with it, but sexual images are found to be disturbing. I wonder what it would be like if we turned it around? What if making love from the time our children were young was absolutely beautiful? What if we turned the whole thing around?”

The following link will take you to Sharon Carvell’s interview with US Represented: