We have to move on. . . .

One thing all the founding fathers have in common is that they are dead. We are the ones who are alive, we are the ones who must make the laws and constitution work, juggling many variables the founders could never have foreseen. They created an America in which black people were deemed to be property and women did not have the right to vote, much less run for office. The founders had vision and guts, but we have had to move on, leaving some of their values in our wake.

* * *

Barry NoreenBarry Noreen was raised in Missoula, Montana and attended the University of Montana School of Journalism. He worked as a reporter and editor for The Gazette (Colorado Springs) from February of 1982 to December of 2013, having worked previously for three years at the Longmont Times-Call and for a year at the Delta County Independent on Colorado’s Western Slope.